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Army Announces New High Command to Retire 21 Generals in 2019 – National


Army announces new high-ranking headquarters 2019: 21 generals retire

Among the various scandals that have affected the agency last time, the president has approved the biggest changes in the military authorities in recent years. Tvn


this afternoon Army Announces New Army Headquarters,in 23 promotions and 21 withdrawals. This has been the most frequent official departure in recent years, which arises out of two surveys linked to institutions such as "passing cases" and arises from scandals within the mutual aid fund. Three million dollars is related to fraud and almost 600 cases.

this is General Ricardo Martínez Menanteau remains the Commander-in-Chief of the Army., Schafik Nazal Lázaro, General of the Division, serves as the Army Chief of Staff.

Here is the full list of the high-level commands that will be responsible for that function in 2019:

Military command

1) Army Commander: Army General Ricardo Martínez Menanteau.

2) Brigadier Commander-in-Chief Cristián Guedelhoefer Erbetta Secretary General

3) Army Controller: Hernán Araya Santis

4) Army Auditor General: Rodrigo Sandoval, Calderon Brigadier

General General Status of the Army

1) Army Chief of Staff: Director of Schafik Nazal Lázaro

2) Army Chief of Staff: Pablo Muller Barberia Brigadier General

3) Army Intelligence Director: Guillermo Paiva Hernández Brigadier General

4) Army Operations Director: Juan Cristóbal de la Corda Rodriguez Brigadier

5) Army Logistics Director: Brigadier Daniel Ortiz Vidal

6) Army Finance Director: Brigadier Patricio Veas Stock

7) Army Project Research Director: Brigadier General Luis Weber Orellana

8) Director of the Center for Military Studies and Research, Rubensegura Flores Brigade.

The announcement of the Army's new High Command of the Army takes place between the investigation of the use of financial funds in the purchase of tickets and the investigation into the sentencing of Army Juan Emilio Cheyre's former commander.

Review the full list of 23 promotions and 21 retreats.

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