Friday , June 25 2021

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What do you think? Smooth Photo It was really the first time. signal ~ Of Terrible disease.

That Easy parent They realized that something was wrong with their 3-year-old daughter. One afternoon, David Fletcher He spent the day with the girl on the swing and two weeks later he was hearing great news from his doctor. His daughter got cancer.

The child had to undergo 570 doses of chemotherapy for recovery and is currently undergoing maintenance therapy to prevent the disease from recurring. now Fletcher He wants to warn all parents to keep in mind the following signs of leukemia:


"It was just noon afternoon on the swing she was playing and turned around and she was asleep I was sleepy and fell asleep but I did not think much about it. It was a good moment for me and I took a picture."he is Iji's father.

Once they found more symptoms, I realized that my daughter's tiredness was not normal. Fatigue and scars on the legs added fatigue. Vicky and David Fletcher They thought it was a childhood problem, but in January of last year, my legs rash and take me to a doctor.

Easy arm

The minor's second birthday Children's Hospital in Birmingham Waiting for procedure extraction marrow. Relatives of them died of leukemia five years ago and the news about the disease was surprisingly accepted. Fletcher family He had to spend a cool time. But luckily easy He is recovering, and this case tells other families about the first symptoms of this fatal disease.


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