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Carabinero, who was arrested for the murder of Catrillanca, said he "lied in the affidavit." National

Mapuche comunero, one of the former Carabineros officers involved in the murder of Camilo Catrillanca, recorded a controversial video at the police station where he was held.

Carlos Alarcon is known in the audio visual record this Sunday afternoon and ensures that there are still records to reveal.

In the image, Alarcón does not directly mention Catrillanca's death, but he insists that he did not act as a criminal and stresses that he does not want the image of the police agency he was partying to be undermined.

Of course, now the exuniformado and the prosecution for the murder, the people who lie to him and give false statements, will remain part of this background, which should still be aware of the case, ended the life of comunero 24 he la Araucanía ) When he was riding a tractor during a police operation.

"Because we know that we are not criminals or other people, we lied to them, made false statements, and now it is the most dangerous and dangerous to gain citizenship," he said.

"Here are the people we lied to, we have made false statements and are now the worst."

– Carlos Alarcón

Last week, Radio Bioo Bío exclusively approached the Garrido prosecutor's request to arrest Patricio Alejandro Sepúlveda Muñoz, Braulio Andrés Valenzuela Aranguiz, Carlos Roberto Alarcón Molina and Raúl Evaristo Ávila Morales.

According to this document, the ballistic report says that the shot projectile hit by Camilo Catri Langa came from the weapon of Carlos Alla Cucina.

Archive | Héctor Andrade | UNO Organization
Archive | Héctor Andrade | UNO Organization

But according to El Mercurio, Alarcón told the attorney Roberto Garrido that the tractor the Comunero traveled found himself when he was less than 10 meters to 12 meters away and warned him to stop when he met him. He aimed the vehicle with a service weapon.

In his story, he added that the tractor was moving forward and at that moment he decided to launch. "I am convinced that I pointed out the back I had with a metal shovel, and my idea was to stop them, for me, where I fired was a safe shooting range," he explained.

Carlos Alarcón confirmed that the vehicle had advanced a few meters and stopped, and that the person had come down with his hand. As the exuniformado approached the tractor, I noticed that somebody had a head wound.

According to the newspaper, he asserted that he was shot, but he admitted, "The people on the tractor did not shoot us."

Alexander Schneider, a lawyer with four defendants, Karabineri, announced he would appeal to a preventive solution to determine the preventive detention of the uniform.

Carlos Agurto | RBB
Carlos Agurto | RBB

Oficialismo Not Generalized Phone

Since the ruling party urged not to generalize the system of Carabineros after the precautionary detention of four former officials involved in the death of Catrillanca.

Evópoli, an agent of Andrés Molina, said the decision was to be respected and not to generalize it.

On the other hand, Deputy Director of PPD Andrea Parra added that justice must act "to someone else" and that this makes Carabineros's crisis of distrust even worse.

According to a public survey of Cadem, 55% of the Chilean population did not recognize Carabineros' study and announced a 28th decline from the previous results.

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