Thursday , August 5 2021

Carola de Moras talks about venture company's relationship with Rafa Araneda

In an interview with YA magazine, the former Chilean morning maid Carola de Moras talked about her current time outside of television, but decided to clarify how her departure occurred in the program.

But he mentioned how to approach the theme of Katherine Winter, referring to the collapse of friendship with Rafael Araneda after the animators leaked WhatsApp Audio to Morrath's morning group. A student who committed suicide for the first time in a year after suffering her daughter El Nido de Águila.

"The leak cost me a lot, and at that moment I was hurt worse than the pain and the cost of the family suffering at the moment, I think it's unfair to expose it, not because of my audio, Because of the thing. "He said in an interview with Ya magazine.

In the same sense, he added, "As a result, no one was able to measure the result, so it was unfair." & # 39; Ah, yes, it's a mistake. & # 39; But in the end, it was a mistake that no one liked, and eventually he showed the intent of repentance. "

Finally, Carola de Moras reflects what this complex situation left her. "First of all, the trust in the trust is shrinking and suddenly maintenance is needed.

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