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Children 's entrepreneurs asked the airlines' advice and received a serious response from the CEO. Social

They say that if you need advice, you should go to a specialist. Well, he did it. Alex JacquesFor decades, it is clear from his life that his business is an aircraft business.

So he knew from his handwritten letter that he would. Alan Joyce, CEO of Qantas Airlines, Operation center Australia.

In his letter of viral origin, The child asks the CEO, "Please take it seriously." "I want to start the airline," he says.

"I started the kind of aircraft I needed, the number of planes, the food on board, etc. I am CEO of the airline called Oceania Express," he adds.

Then he confirms that he has already recruited some classmates to take a different position in his early work and that he is one of them and co-founder. That's what Joyce pointed out. He wants to ask you three things..

10 year old boy, writes on Qantas aircraft.
10 year old boy, writes on Qantas aircraft.

"No. 1, I want to work for my airline because I'm on vacation in school, but I can not think of what I can do. Do you have an idea of ​​what you can do when you know you are CEO of Qantas, I thought you would ask, "writes Jacquot.

"No. 2. Do you have any advice on starting an airline? I would be very grateful for everything you can tell me," he says.

But there is more. Of course technical problems. "I am thinking with you in the Sydney / Melbourne section A350 in London, but as we watch it is a 25 hour flight, we are calculating how to take a lot of difficulties. Any advice? I would like to hear from you soon Alex Jacquot CEO and co-founder of Osma Express concluded the letter.

Airlines' answer

It may seem impossible, The letter has reached the CEO., Alan Joyce. When the child asked him, he answered seriously.

"Mr. Jacquot, thank you for letting us know about the new airline. We heard rumors about new competitors in the market. So thank you for taking the time to let me know."The president of the airline begins the letter.

In the same tone he said, "First of all, I want to tell you. I usually do not give business advice to competitors. The new head of the legal department can explain it. But I was going to make an exception this time because I was a child who was curious about the plane. And the possibility of it. "

One of the main tips he offers is "Safety must be a top priority. Do everything you can to make your trip as comfortable and economical as possible. This has been around for 100 years and has worked for us."

"Concerns about our dreams confuse us as we start the Sunrise Project, which plans to ship nonstop passengers from Australia's eastern coast to London. To help with sleep, I am considering a variety of cabins that allow people to stretch and exercise, and I want to get the most ideas out of this, "writes Joyce.

And for that reason he adds: "For this reason, I would like to invite you to the Sunrise project meeting, the CEO of Australia's oldest airline and CEO of Australia's youngest airline.. At the meeting, we were able to compare notes on what it means to manage airline. "

"I would like to offer tours from our operations center. (We will not miss each Qantas flight in the world). Thank you again for your letter. I will contact you soon to prepare for the meeting, "the letter concluded.

As the letter became known on social networks, the media expected the child to interview him. His mother, Natasha Jacquot, pointed out that he did not expect a "special reaction."

"He has a book with a flight number and he organizes the itinerary," explains Natasha.

The airline itself has released Alex's letters and responses via social networks.

"Our competitors generally do not seek advice from us, but if an airline leader writes to us, we can not ignore it." Of course, the only way to respond is from president to president, "Qantas was on Twitter.

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