Friday , June 25 2021

China plans to provide free HIV treatment to foreigners.

Yunnan Province, located in southwest China, plans to provide free HIV and AIDS treatment to some foreigners, the People's Daily reported.

According to the paper, the state is considering revising the regulations on the control and prevention of HIV, so foreigners who are infected with the virus or who have AIDS can receive free treatment.

The bill will help foreigners who have lived "a certain amount of time" in Yunnan and plan to extend their stay, as well as those who have formed Chinese families and families, according to the epidemiology director of the China China Prevention and Control Center, the disease, Wu Zunyou.

The proposal will be beneficial to both foreigners and Chinese if they come into effect after being reviewed by the authorities. "

Since Yunnan has borders with Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar, where public transportation is increasing with China in recent years, a spokesman for the Ministry of Health expressed concern about the "call effect" the People's Daily reported.

In this regard, Chinese authorities increased voluntary HIV testing at the border. Of the 128,000 tests conducted from January to October this year, 1,034 foreigners responded positively according to the local health department.

According to the National AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Disease Control and Prevention Center last year, 2,514 foreigners were infected with HIV in China last year, and most drug addicts from Yunnan and Guangxi,

Regarding the number of people suffering from the disease, the National Health Commission says nine out of 10,000 people have HIV in China.

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