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Chronicle of Murder: A milestone marking the death of Nigbaldo in the hands of his wife and Silva | National


After hearing 17 declarations at the Oral Criminal Tribunal in Viña del Mar, This Thursday at 1:00 pm The accusative will be read by Johanna Hernández and Francisco Silva. Villa Alemana, by Nibaldo Villegas's murder and dissolution.

That fact will go back to August 11, 2018. That day was Hernández and Silva They administered Villegas to the ground clonazepam, Supplies material to the malt glass with eggs. After that, they wounded with a sharp knife on the chest area.

They moved to Las Docas beach in Laguna Verde. They burned their limbs in campfires and the rest threw them away from the valley to the sea on Thursday, August 16, near Pier Prat.

Five days later the investigating police found the defendant's whereabouts through triangulation of the Villegas credit card used by Silva. Get £ 35,000 from the ATM.

In a declaratory hearing Johanna Hernández was criticized as an important author of parricide and Francisco Silva was sentenced to be the author of a murder case.

All of this was planned according to the investigating police report. Ever since they wanted Committed suicide, According to the plaintiff lawyer Patricio Olivares of this case.

One of the thousands of ways they wanted to do that was through suicide. According to our opinion, we show the defendant's plans and plans.

– Patricio Olivares, Inspection of the case

At the time the defendant declared, They blamed each other. According to the same lawyer, you should be able to remove the liability that causes contradiction in your story.

Leonardo Rubilar | UNO Organization
Leonardo Rubilar | UNO Organization

In that context, Hernandez pointed out that tears were shed when Francis Silva disappeared Nidbaldo and said he had never seen the professor's body. The same Silva accused the already dead teacher of cutting weapons.

"He gave me a clonazepam when I saw him on my birthday, and when I lost consciousness, I said to him, 'How do I do that?' "I cut my arms, because I did not find anyone, so I decided to do it myself," Silva said at the hearing.

Alejandro Villegas, the son of Nivaldo, Johanna Hernández's violent attitude, There are shame and hurt among those who have said it in detail.

"I thought that my father did not deserve it, because I gave him thousands of insults, stones, threw cars, and I was with a sister who had a desperate cry," he said.

The defendant's brother will be read at 1 pm on Thursday. He accused each of his family, friends and complaints lawyers of expecting to be the biggest penalties for Chilean law. I mean, A qualified permanent imprisonment without benefits, 5 years if bank card misuse.

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