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Debate on benzene: Senator justifies spending while Allende refunds the amount | National

Some Senators, who did not want to respond to requests for information through transparency due to the use of bills fueled by the Senate while the legislature was suspended in February, gave several explanations.

Senator Isabel Allende promised to return the money. He should not use it for fuel use.

During Senators Iván Moreira and Ximena Rincón justified the cost. They claim to have done their job.

Senator Isabel Allende, one of the legislators who had to explain, the Socialist Senate, said in February that his parliamentary office had a balance of gasoline left last month and that none of the Senate had approved it

Also, The senator promised to return the amount of benzene she used. Because she did not work in Congress last February because she was sick.

Ivan Moreira, a UDI Senator who consumed nearly $ 500,000 gasoline in February, consumed energy to carry out his parliamentary tasks, but the Senate's finances in January, he said, I will not have a vacation during

He also justified the expense of Christian Democracy member Ximena Rincón to Bendin, assuring that he continued to work in his territory office despite on-site work until February 1st.

From his standpoint, Senator Jaime Quintana explained that there is enough legislative activity in February. However, it is important that the use of fuel is not for personal purposes.

It was released yesterday. The Senator spent $ 5,330,111 on fuel in February. The amount charged to the replacement item as an operating expense.

This situation has raised concerns in February, for example, that Parliament ceased to function like the judiciary.

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