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Disabilities, friends, waffles, new emotions in 2019

Unicode, a consortium that regulates the use of emoticons and emoticons in the world, announced for the first time this year that it will enable new groups of people to include disabled people, food such as waffles and Argentine mates, and new gestures such as: I did. Yawning, etc.

According to the nonprofit's website, the new members of this "elective group" were selected after the Emojis subcommittee analyzed thousands of suggestions from users around the world. Data and other data that should be included in the list.

Unicode points out that more than 2,000 messages will eventually reach people with disabilities in these symbols that convey emotions and facilitate expression of ideas in message delivery.

In the "Happy Face List" you can see pictures of people with hearing impairments (women and men in various skin tones), mechanical arms and legs, hearing aids, wheelchair users – motorized or manual, Use a guide or service dog.

According to Unicode, this update will include twelve titles, with two men or two couples in the family category.

In addition to cooking, one of the most used foods in the world, there are garlic, onion, waffle, butter, falafel, oysters, juice boxes and buckets. Ice and famous Argentine matte grass.

Animals such as lazy, otter, orangutan, skunk, and flamenco also have anemone this year.

This list depends on the application of the chat and mobile operating system, and in some cases others will modify the original image with their seal, small Saturn drawings, yo-yo, parachute, diving mask, banjo, safety vest or adhesive band .

Last year, Unicode included 50 new symbols that revolutionized social networks, including peacocks, flames, abacus, superhero jobs, or double helix of DNA.

According to a global study by Brandwatch on Twitter, emotions are more often used by women (61%) than men (39%) and mostly positive emotions. 3/4 has an optimistic meaning. (EFE)

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