Thursday , August 5 2021

Do not catch the cold this season! IMSS issues recommendations for disease prevention.

The Mexican Social Security Agency (IMSS) has called for avoiding self medication and taking special care of vulnerable groups.

During this period Winter, Mexico Social Security Organization (IMSS) Call to prevent and respond to population Respiratory diseasesBecause if it is not provided properly, it becomes complicated. Pneumonia.

It is recommended that the entire population stay. Well-wrapped, Do not wave or kiss by hand., I drink a lot of water., Receive influenza vaccination. When sneezing, use an arm or tissue to prevent spreading. Respiratory diseases.

In this sense IMSS Especially the importance of protecting vulnerable groups. Children under 6 years old, 60 years old or older, pregnant woman, Asthmatic patient o diabetes Uncontrolled, cancer, HIV-AIDS, Morbid obesity, Lung type And smoker.

If you have symptoms, it is best to avoid treatment yourself. Photo: Pixabay

Avoid self-healing.

In the presence of More than 38.5 degrees of heat And blue pigmentation on the skin, Difficulty in breathing, There is pain in the chest or abdomen., Bone or joint Avoid self-healing. Immediately Department of Family Medicine Get proper care and avoid complications.

That IMSS About this point Winter you are Influenza vaccine So you Family clinic Correspond to Be immunized If you have Risk factor Develop bottle.

They will give up to 500,000 more.

From October 15th to the presentInfluenza vaccine 834 thousand As reported by, it has been applied to 46 municipalities of enterprises. Guanahato Health Ministry (SSG).

The state agency The initial goal was to apply 800,000 times.But, One million vaccine applications, In other words Over 500,000 The request Federal Health Office Depending on demand.

Information updated on Dec. 21, corresponding to Epidemiology Week 51 Federal Health and Welfare Department Epidemiology Bureau In the meantime, Flu season I received a notice. 1444 positive cases And 103 people died.

has exist Guanajuato, On November 22 Ministry of Health and Welfare An entity Two first deaths due to influenzaMunicipal Salamanca The other is Pa Seo El Alto.

Up to now, SSG They did not register anymore. Death from flu They were just reported. 9 positive cases ~ Of Respiratory diseases.

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