Thursday , August 5 2021

During Christmas celebration at Renca, a man was murdered: he tried to defend his son. National

A man was murdered at his house in Lenka on Monday night. Christmas celebrationWhen you want to defend your child.

After a discussion between the latter and the 27-year-old neighbor, the victim intervened, but she suffered a gunshot wound on the chest and died at the commune clinic.

Western commander Maricarmen Mediavilla said his neighbors would have had a problem ahead of the attack.

Shooter perpetrator, subject of 27 years, He was arrested when he was injured in the same day care facility.It has been identified as the person who started the discussion by relatives.

Santiago Centro's Baleado

In another police incident, a man was killed by a stranger. Santiago Botolias Centro Dawn on Tuesday.

The 30-year-old went to a place in Calle Pedro Lagos in 1457. When the car stopped, strangers came down and started shooting the victim.

He died in that place, and the invaders They ran away without leaving any traces.

The local security camera did not work, but PDI investigates nearby areas where the attacker of the fatal attack can be found.


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