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EFE has begun a bidding process for local train study between O 'Higgins and Ñuble. National


The State Railways (EFE) company has begun the bidding process for demand surveys for: Local trains Through O 'Higgins and ublewe, a project funded by each intendancies.

According to the company, the idea is to verify the feasibility of implementing rail services on different inter-provincial sections using the same railway.

For example, between Rango and San Fernando between Rancagua and Chimbarongo; Between Teno and Linares, with arrests in Curicó and Talca; Or between Parral and Bulnes, from San Carlos to Chillán.

Pedro Pablo Errázuriz, Chairman of the Board of EFE, You will find the first trench to operate before 2022.. He also said that the idea is a permanent and competitive service.

"The most important factor is frequency and travel time, which should be more efficient than buses at relatively high frequencies," Errázuriz said.

The study takes six to seven months and once completed, the second analysis will establish what infrastructure is needed to perform the service. Parallel tracks for freight trains are also considered..

Carlos Cruz, executive director of the Infrastructure Policy Board, said the reliability of passengers in terms of safety, travel time and frequency.

"There can be few, if any, fast trains," Cruz said. "What is needed is a reasonable cost, comfortable and safe displacement rate."

According to the EFE, the study estimates the number of trains required to provide service by evaluating the passenger needs of the 20-year plan by day of the week throughout the day.

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