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Epilepsy affects 200,000 Honduras.

According to data from the Medical Sciences Department of the University of Honduras (UNAH), at least 200,000 people in Honduras suffer from symptoms of epileptic-onset epilepsy.

This figure was published yesterday and is a genetic disorder that affects patients of all ages, from one generation to another in most patients.

A neurologist at the Harlis Estrada University School Hospital (HEU) explained that about 25 patients are treated daily for this disease.

"The disease can occur in newborns up to age 3. There are a variety of ways you can present," said Estrada, "there may be a form of exercise or involuntary movements."

This specialist identifies the possibilities and possibilities of presentation of epilepsy according to the function of the brain.

It can occur in athletic ability, accompanied by unconscious movements of hands, feet, helplessness, blindness, and auditory hallucinations, among other symptoms called epilepsy.

At least 200,000 Honduras have epilepsy and this can be given for a variety of reasons depending on your doctor.

Genetic disorder

More than 50% of people with epilepsy are due to genetic diseases and we need to know family history carefully to prevent it, "the expert said.

Epilepsy is a curable disease, and 100 percent of people suffering from the testicles and 90 percent of them are able to control the disease with drugs, at least 10 percent of which is difficult to treat with drugs.

The doctor explains that the condition can cause brain infections due to parasitic nerve cysts found in food contaminated with pig excrement. So most cases of epilepsy are rural areas ".

According to experts, anyone can have epilepsy, do not eat well, cause hypoglycemia, and have epileptic seizures.

There are over 100 types of epileptic seizures, each with a specific treatment. HEU has a basic chart that covers a significant percentage of patients, but there are certain drugs that are not available.

Marlon Avila, chairman of the Honduras Epilepsy Foundation (Fundahep), accused some patients that although the treatment is not expensive, "the test is an example and the patient comes from inland and can not afford to pay."

"The foundation has moral support and looks for ways to help," said Avila. "You may get a discount or you may want something similar." Patients need help, all the medications are not comfortable and the tests are expensive.

Patients suffering from epilepsy must undergo EEG, CT, or resonance studies to formulate the disease, which can be expensive in private hospitals.

According to doctors, many children develop this disease at the point of delivery because many children are very hard and can affect the baby 's brain.

On the other hand, diseases are more common than other divisions due to a variety of factors, as the likelihood of a child having epilepsy when the same family member gets married increases. (DS)

Congress will submit the bill
Within a few days, a proposal for a bill titled "Law of Equity and Better Opportunities" will be presented at the National Assembly Capitol, which is working to help those suffering from epilepsy, and no job opportunities will be given. Because of his illness, it affects his productive life.

The baby afflicts this evil.
Sandra Rojas was diagnosed with epilepsy at an early age and had to take her son to another specialist.

"I have been diagnosed with seizure syndrome for 15 months, the cause of which is an unknown epilepsy. Since then, he has treated him, but attacks do not happen every day, but always surprise us for days," Rojas said.

Since the epileptic seizure disappears once, this mother must spend time with her six year old son. The child constantly takes care of himself, but he does not escape from the disease.

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