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Epilepsy surgery can be an option to cure the disease.



More than one-third of patients on medication epilepsy Because it does not respond to treatment Epilepsy surgery It can usually be done on their behalf.

But according to Enrique De Font Réaulx, a neurosurgeon, people are the fewest resources to cure this disease because they do not see a doctor on time or are afraid of surgery.

The expert explained to Efe that between 50% and 80% of the recipients could be cured. However, they fear that "people will be affected in some way after surgery."

On the second Monday of February every year to celebrate International Epilepsy Day to raise awareness of this disease.

Epilepsy is a disease that occurs when: Brain neuron When they do not respond, they cause a discharge and a crisis occurs. seizure.

That World Health Organization (WHO) Epilepsy warns that one seizure does not mean epilepsy because it is defined as "seizures not attracted more than once".

Experts explain that 65% of people with epilepsy do not receive treatment, so one of the serious problems faced by the disease is lack of diagnosis.

He said he responded to economic, cultural and social issues.

People who suffer from this condition often stigmatize, especially since people do not have the resources to go to the experts.

"People with epilepsy are usually raped by their families and societies and do not receive medical care," he said.

De Font believes that diagnosis is timely but not important because there are several types of epilepsy and not all diagnoses respond to pharmacologic treatment.

Experts point out that about two-thirds of people with the disease are well-controlled with one or more anticonvulsants.

However, the other third patient continues to have recurrent seizures despite treatment and is an ideal candidate for epilepsy surgery.

The surgeon is an addition of a neurosurgeon, which consists of isolating or removing enough critical quantities from the epileptogenic circuit of the brain that caused the crisis.

"It can be treated with a laser, but opening the skull is the safest, as safe as abdominal surgery."

It will take one to two weeks for the patient to recover and significantly reduce or greatly reduce the number of seizures.

In Mexico there are few specialized centers to perform this type of surgery, one of which is the epileptic clinic at the ABC Medical Center, a member of De Font.

Experts point out the importance of treatment because people who have not been treated have many disadvantages.

"There are people who can not study, drive, work or make a family," he said.

He also added that frequent crises could lead to serious death. Serious problems other than injuries may occur.

There is also the risk of sudden death, unexpected death or boil. This is due to choking or arrhythmia.

And although it is not very common, it can die from aspiration pneumonia and suicide depending on the situation.

The reason why specialists emphasized the importance of timely diagnosis and treatment is because they invited people to know the symptoms.

In addition to seizures, this may lead to confusion with laughter or visual symptoms that are unrelated or uncontrollable to absenteeism, foot, involuntary movements of the fingers, ankles, ticks, anxiety or panic attacks. EFE

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