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Facebook Product Manager and Director of WhatsApp leaves the company.

Chris Cox and Chris Daniels are undergoing private scandals and are conducting a survey the day after they are shut down globally.

Mark Zuckerberg announced that Chris Cox, a product manager for Facebook and Chris Daniels, director of WhatsApp, will no longer join the company.

The departure of these executives was confusing within the company within a day after discussions about scandals and services for privacy violations ended in one day.

Hello – Last week I would like to share important updates as we formulate our company to develop social platforms focused on the privacy I mentioned. Establishing this new vision means the beginning of a new chapter for us.

As part of this, I would like to share with you the news Chris Cox has decided to leave the company. Chris and I have been working together to develop our products for over ten years and we always respect the people who use our services and the uplifting spirit that comes with everything you do. He began as an engineer in our original news feeds on Facebook, playing an important role in organizing his first human resources team, defining missions and values, leading product and design teams, and launching Facebook applications. I recently oversee my family's strategy. In the process, Chris helped to train many great leaders who play an important role in the company. This includes people who will play a more important role in developing new products.

Zuckerberg shared Chris's desire to leave for years, but after a data spill in 2016, he decided to help solve the problem.

WhatsApp's Director

Chris Daniels also decided to leave the company and served as the director of WhatsApp, helping define the business model for corporate messaging services.

Chris Daniels

Zuckerberg has confirmed that Will Cathcart will be the new head of WhatsApp. He described him as a talented leader who always focused on solving the most important issues for people, as he demonstrated while working on Facebook applications.

Facebook applications are in the hands of Fidji Simo, a passionate leader in community building and creativity support.

Finally, the CEO of Facebook has said that this is a significant change that will come before the next chapter of his study on privacy topics, so we'll learn more about what comes out of popular social networks.

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