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Fascinating: Discover the cells of our body that can repair the damaged heart.


They imagine that Wolverine can recover by itself, just as in X-Men. In a research group at the University of Calgary in Canada, you will discover new cells that can heal heart injuries.

This data, published in the journal "Immunity," details that there is a group of cells that have not yet been identified in the pericardial fluid inside the pockets of the heart.

The discovery was made by doctors Paul Kubes and Paul Fedak, who placed certain cells in the pericardium of the pericardium called Gata 6+, which helped repair the heart of mice.

However, after detecting this in rodents, experts have identified the same type of cells in the pericardium of people with heart damage, offering the least invasive solution possible for people with heart damage.

From outside

So far, doctors have never thought that elements outside the heart might be able to cure it. This is because the heart muscle has limited ability to heal itself, unlike other organs.

"The discovery of new cells to help treat damaged heart muscle opens the door to new treatments for millions of people suffering from heart disease," said Dr. Paul Fedak, a professor of cardiology at the University of Canterbury.

"We always knew that the heart was in a pouch full of strange liquids and now we know that this cardiomyocyte is rich in healing cells that can be a secret to repair and regenerate new heart muscle. The discovery and possibility of new treatments Innovations are interesting and important. "He added.

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