Tuesday , December 1 2020

Forbes has chosen the fourth best place in the United States.

Forbes Magazine invites those who can afford it, Purchase a second home in Chile, Mexico, Colombia or Brazil Due to the opportunities these countries have created due to the strength of the US currency

they "Four best places to buy a house in 2019"According to an article in the article,Today's dollar strength is creating opportunities for housing in some of the most attractive places in the world."

In the past 12 months, the magazine has been the main market for Brazil (16.5%), the Colombian peso (6.1%), the Mexican peso (5.5%), Chilean peso (7.8%)In January of this year, the revaluation increased sharply.


Forbes emphasizes that Chile is a country that can settle easily for expatriates and retirees. Communication and high standards of living as well as prosperity and safety and stability

This publication is an advisor to La Serena for Santiago. "A great and modern city" But together "High levels of contamination"

In turn, it highlights the city of Coquimbo area. "Clear sky and less pollution". "La Serena is a coastal community, but milder than the tropics. Temperatures are pleasant throughout the year."They added.

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In Brazil, Forbes suggests buying on the coast in big cities like Rio de Janeiro and in small towns like Florianópolis. Especially recommended Maceio, The capital of the state of Alagoas in the east coast between Recife and Salvador de Bahia.


In Colombia Medellin, The author of the article, Kathleen Peddicord Opportunities for investment and retirement.

"When I say Medillin 'to the average American for five to seven years he will think: Retirement"But the magazine says it warns of control over change, bureaucratic restrictions, and high taxes.

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"Mexico is a big place with a bad reputation."Peddicord begins an introduction to the country that emphasizes coastal, mountainous, colonial, Mayan ruins and their character.

He also said, "It is the easiest accessible haven in the United States." He noted that there are already more than 1 million Americans in Mexico and 500,000 of them have homes. This magazine MazatlanAs one of the country's choices on the Pacific coast, I emphasize that it is easy to establish itself as well as proximity to the United States.

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