Monday , December 6 2021

Francisca Gavilán and Santiago Tupper arrive …


Mega's drama was released a year ago, but it has not reached the end.

The big success is mega "Hidden Truth" evening broadcast, released in July 2017, after securing space in the hearts of followers, and reward each day in harmony.

Ever since Leonardo (Carlos Diaz) began to revenge against his brother Ricardo (Julio Chung) and his lover Amelia (Javiédda de Valdés), all the issues are at the center of it. However, the drama remains for a while because the drama will not be close to the finishing stage because problems and surprises continue to emerge. And the evidence is that two new actors take part in the cast.

According to Fotech, an entertainment portal, this is actress Francis Kagavilan, who stands out in "Forgiving Our Sins." They do not know the true link that unifies Eliana Zapata, a woman who joins Leonaardo.

Meanwhile, Santiago Tupper, who last participated in the production of TVN "La Colombiana" on TV, will play Alonso, who will play an important role in the life of Camila Hirane.

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