Tuesday , December 1 2020

Hall opposing his former club: Colo Colo and Católica Viña desperate preparation duel on face | Soccer

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Francisco Longa / Archivo Agencia UNO

Attractive duel this Saturday Colo Colo and Catholic UniversityWithin the framework of the new day of the Fox Sports Summer Tournament.

Staged at the Sausalito stadium in Viña del Mar, The "Albos" and "Crusaders" will face each other from noon.

I have to see. Mario Salas, & # 39; Cacique & # 39; current coach. As a rival, I have a club that is full of glory before the season as a competitor.

Pedrero's team arrives at & # 39; Garden City & # 39; while missing their first game against Union Española with a minimal account.

The picture of the Commander also needs to win a victory in the monumental arena to defeat Estudiantes de La Plata against Noche Alba.

In another aspect, The national soccer team now has a draw against Everton. This is just the formal grip for the next season in the championship debut.

The two teams will represent Chile on the international stage in 2019. Colo Colo will be attending Copa Sudamericana while UC directs Copa Libertadores.

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