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"House of X" and "Power of X" will be the new Hickman for amazing comics.

After weeks of speculation, Marvel Comics finally Jonathan Hickman has been returned to the publisher.

In his "The Next Big Thing" panel of the C2E2 framework, Marvel Hickman will write. X House And The power of X, Two comics from X-Men It will arrive after the current mutation story. Age of X-Man

Pepe Laraz will draw. House of X, R. B. Silva The power of X. All the while, Mars Grace applies color to both titles.

At Newsarama, The power of X & Quot; X & quot; does not denote the mutation's lyrics Roman numerals 10, It is similar to Wolverine's "Weapon X" sect.

"We are very pleased to have Jon back with the Marvel family and we could not have asked for a better creative team to open up a new era for X-Men." Marvel editor Cebulski said. "We still can not say too much about the story, but these new stories They would redefine their position in X-Men and the Marvel Universe. This is a historic moment that new, enthusiastic fans do not want to miss. "

This new series of mutations marks the return of Hickman to the publisher after publication. A secret war In 2016, the artist is already one of his favorite projects.

"Let's say we all have a radical plan for you." Hickman pointed out "I grew up primarily as a DC comic child, and Marvel's only book I read when I was growing up was X-Men, and by that time all the books I had at Marvel were fantastic works, This was the first book I liked before I started doing it. "

"Maybe I would not have been more proud than this." He added. "I think all of you are pretty upset, and we are doing very different radical things. They should read both books in two books, but there is a good reason for the book. "

Next to the announcement is a publicity artwork by Mark Brooks, according to Cebulski. "They can come from past, present or future."

X House And The power of X It will be released in July.

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