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Identification of minors registered at the first Cabinet Council of the Year

President Sebastian Pinera He expressed the president 's disposition for his suspicions of expanding preventative identity control on Friday at the first cabinet meeting attended by 23 ministers.

At this meeting, heads of state emphasized the three pillars of security, social reform and economy in 2019.

Over the past three days, Pinne has extended and defended preventive identity control from the age of 14 through backpacks and automobile registration, and has bet on broad support.

But, This project does not receive full support from Chile.Like a senator Andres Allah A person who does not justify including a minor (RN) Evópoli suspicious of the protocol of intervention of Carabineros to minors, They see the initiative in Congress with a small future.

This added a line of Sename bishops, Susana Tonda said minors should focus on prevention and reintegration.

The government "improved the project together"

At the end of the Cabinet meeting, Cecilia PerezThe executive is confident that it is "an open door to open the door of the conversation, sign a contract and improve the project with the opposition."

"Because the Chilean team can not have two teams here, we have to keep trying with all of our strength, subtracting the team we want to add, the one we are part of, and our team, which is another part of the opposition . We all have to join and join the team."He said.

The US Secretary of State emphasized, "We will continue to work together in unity through unity," but stressed that he did not forget to rule Sebastián Piñera.

Allamand: It's reasonable to set a limit when you turn 16.

Allamand, who attended a telecoms committee led by Cecilia Pérez this Friday, said he was in favor of strengthening preventive controls, but acknowledged the difference with the executive as he aged.

"We are different in terms of the age at which this project should be applied.. I consult with the administration directly to review the age at the age of 14. I think it would be more reasonable to set a limit within 16 years. The government hopes to accept this request."He said.

A lawmaker said, "I was impressed that I would solve the age problem as I pointed out."

Open Criminal Attorney: Does not point to the need for preventive care

For that part, public criminal defense, Andrés Mahnke, in his hand, stressed that young law criminals are shrinking.

"The criminal justice system has reduced the incidence of juveniles from crime by an average of 40 percent," the public crime department, judiciary, and public officials all announced.

He pointed out that the details of the project are still lacking, but he has kept it up until now, in relation to what is known as "the background of controversy is lacking because there are so many unconventional people".

"This figure does not indicate the need for using the tool for any reason.. It seems that Chile does not agree with the international law that has been tied up. "

The government is expected to launch an initiative next week to expand preventive identity control.

At the Cabinet Council, the president surprised cabinet ministers next Wednesday by inviting Paul McCartney, former Beatle to a show in Chile.

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