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In Japan, smartphones are believed to have impaired students' eyesight.

In Japan, smartphones are believed to have impaired students' eyesight.

December 25, 2018 / Technology

The authorities of the country conducted studies that determined that the number of minors who had an inferior view than the standard was at its historical maximum.

New data In recent years, the sight of Japanese students has deteriorated.. In addition, the government of the country thinks that responsible people are smartphones.

According to Live Door News, the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) conducted the school study between April and June this year. The number of students whose visual acuity is below the standard score of 1.0 (equivalent to a 20/20 vision) is 25.3 students per scientistor

Studies show that 67 percent of high school students and 34 percent of elementary school students did not meet the requirement to pass the visual exams. As the Japanese government is the third most important market in the world, he points out that he "tends to spend more time watching smartphone screens" and uses mobile games a lot.

At present, we can not show that visions have disappeared as vision increases in front of the screen, but Japanese authorities follow warnings made in countries like China. In that country they have taken steps to protect the sight of minors this year and have threatened to tighten restrictions on new releases or even limit playing times.

France, meanwhile, banned the use of smartphones in schools this year.

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