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In the fourth quarter of 2018, sales of Apple's iPhone in China fell 20%. Reuters By Reuters

© Reuters. Apple's iPhone sales in China fell 20% in the fourth quarter of 2018.

(Reuters) – China's Apple Inc (NASDAQ) iPhone sales declined 20% in the fourth quarter of 2018, while Huawei's smartphone sales grew 23%. They released data on industrial research agency IDC on Monday.

This report is the first report to quantify the breakdown of the Apple business in the world's second largest economy after company CEO Tim Cook has pointed to a key factor in making sales forecasts in China. I know last month.

Apple no longer discloses details of its iPhone shipments in quarterly results. Surveys of companies like IDC are a clue to convincing sales development.

According to the report, Apple shipped 19.9% ​​of smartphone shipments in the fourth quarter of 2018, while Huawei gained 23.3%. Apple's market share dropped to 11.5 percent from 12.9 percent a year ago.

"In addition to the regular performance updates for 2018 and minor changes overseas, there has been no significant innovation to help users keep changing phones at much higher prices," the report says.

"China's severe macro environment and the emergence of innovative products from national brands have also been a reason to explain Apple's continued decline," he adds.

(Brenda Goh of Shanghai, Sonam Rai of Bangalore, Sankalp Phartiyal of Mumbai, Spanish compilation of Javier Leira)

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