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iPhone XR and XS: Why did not I get the estimated sales? Technology

Having made unprecedented decisions in recent years, Apple launched Plan Renove in the mid-Christmas season to promote the latest models, the iPhone XS and XR, in many countries. For a limited time, until January 31, 2019, in principle, the Company's official stores will offer significant discounts to users who offer their old iPhone models in good condition.

This action has improved and resumed the GiveBack program that the company already had to facilitate the recycling and renewal of mobile phones, tablets and computers. And it is rumored that rumors that Apple's new cell phones, especially the iPhone XR, have been growing in recent weeks have disappointed their high expectations for them. At the end of November, Greg Joswiak, vice president of marketing, responded to these rumors by clarifying that the XR was the best-selling model ever since it began selling at the end of October.

That statement did not keep up with the negative news about iPhone sales; This unofficial information comes from some data from the manufacturer's supply chain, which criticizes it by filtering out similar data each year and by showing the results of Apple's annual iPhone sales exceeded. But this year there are two differences. First, the most famous analyst for the move of apple company Ming Chi Kuo has confirmed that the demand for iPhone XR is lower than expected and the sales forecast for the first quarter is reduced by 20%. On the other hand, we will never know the actual data sold this quarter. Apple recently announced that it will not disclose this data from now on and will only deliver the profits generated by its sales, like its competitors.

Regardless of whether sales information is correct or not, the & # 39; Renove Plan & # 39; will help you stimulate your customers and improve your revenue figures because Apple does business with an older model: good status Restore this noodle and resell it at a discount. If not, recycle it to make a new phone. In response to this exercise, we conducted an analysis of two models to help evaluate whether to compensate for Apple's discount, an alternative to the indirect market.

iPhone XS: slim and elegant pocket computer

That camera Compared to last year, the iPhone XS is the only one that can justify the iPhone X and its updates that have significantly improved. That Smartphone The high end is already competing with a good compact digital camera and is better or more practical. Actually, Photographers like Jose Luis Barcia – The final candidate for Street Photo Awards is already working exclusively on the iPhone. The dual camera on the iPhone XS comes with the latest models from Google and Huawei, along with all photo comparison charts on your phone. iPhone XS implements even more photorealistic pictures when there are a lot of light differences between different parts of the picture. It is partly thanks to his work Processor A12 Bionic. Some laptops surpass some tests, and the iPhone XS is the most agile and powerful phone Apple has ever manufactured. If you upgrade iPhone 8 or later, you can see that there is a big difference.

That battery It lasts longer than the iPhone X and can withstand all day long without charge in our tests (more than 4 hours a day and very heavily used). DisplayMate's independent technical analysis screen Best in the history of iPhone XS Smartphone, And in our everyday use tests to determine this as a decisive factor in choosing an option (controversy chin Do not bother with the routine use of the above part, in fact it does not notice). Design, almost same Released in 2017 on the iPhone X, it now comes in two sizes (5.8 and 6.5 inches), increasing resistance to water, scratches and breakage. The test unit remains intact. Single brand after 2 months without a cover. Apple has finally created an iPhone that combines the most elegant features of the previous generation. Hide it In a case to protect it.

That price. Promotions of € 1,159, which is the same as last year's iPhone X, will not start. Once the technological innovation of the new platform is integrated, Apple could have lowered the entry price for the iPhone XS to some extent. In addition, screen tolerance is strong, but not fragile. Foolish autumn can lead to very expensive repairs. Fix broken screen in iPhone XS Official cost of 311 euros If the rear glass panel is broken, it will cost € 591 (in both cases, even if there is a warranty period). That Facial recognition It is effective in unlocking your phone in the dark. Apple has resolved the interface changes required to use the phone without the Start button. For regular users, the adaptation to the change is very fast. However, in some cases the system may fail or may not be practical in certain situations (some users already have difficulty changing Contidian gestures with automated calls). The same situation occurred in fingerprint recognition in other situations. There is no perfect system.

That charger By keeping your phone from giving you the power to take advantage of the new iPhone's fast charging system, you can use 0% to 50% of your battery in just 30 minutes. To take advantage of this useful feature, Apple sells an 18-watt USB-C charger at a cost of 35 watts, and a 25-euro lightning-only cable at USB-C. The upper bound model must already contain both series elements.

That innovation Design, performance and durability of mobile phones are excellent. Apple has been able to enhance its new technological leap while maintaining its existing intuitive experience. But this everyday high-end model, which is not possible with the iPhone 8 and more advanced models, has nothing to do with sending animated emoticons that follow our gestures. Because of the high price of phones, repairs, and accessories, the recommendations are limited to people who use their mobile phones as their main business computers, replace their phones every four to five years, and do not suffer from the specific frequency of the broken screen. iPhone XS It is an ideal update for people who manage iPhone 6 from 2014 onwards. You can get a discount of € 130 instead of your existing device through the current promotion. We want a more agile phone with a stronger battery and a better camera.

iPhone XR: The idea of ​​an SUV car brought to the phone

In the iPhone XR, Apple combines the design of two models released in 2017, the iPhone 8, with the innovation of iPhone X, and it fits perfectly with the current public's preference for large screens with a size of 6.1 inches. Looks like an SUV. engine (Same A12 Bionic chip), iPhone XS. The big advantage of XR in front of it battery – More size and thicker, so you can use your phone intensively.

Available in six colors, it will delight those who want to show cooler or more fun phone calls. However, the XR looks younger. Despite the price difference of 300 euros with the XS, it is not a substitute, and the X in the name is perfectly legitimate. The user experience without face recognition and the Start button is the same as the model in the model. Highest range. new camera It is a significant improvement over iPhone 8 (especially in difficult lighting conditions) and you can take pictures in portrait mode, which is already reserved for models with dual cameras.

That screen This is an LCD technology and the colors provided by the iPhone XS OLED screen have no resolution or realism. However, the image quality is excellent and exceeds the image quality of the previous generation. Apple integrates the LCD screen with rounded corners to fill nearly the entire front of the terminal. But that innovation has two promises. The black frame at the edge is thicker than the iPhone XS and should not use the 3D touch system. With the 3D touch system, you can press the icons and other elements strongly to display the quick action menu. interface

XR will be the best iPhone in terms of quality and price. There are significant improvements to the model that replaces the iPhone 8, which can justify the iPhone 8. Price increase In relation to the model, the price of 859 euros (without promotion) is rather expensive. Some repair costs are also expensive.) To satisfy all types of users. At that price and size They miss each other. A built-in dual camera (with iPhone 8 Plus) and a cable and USB-C charger are required to take advantage of the fast charging feature.

Designed to be mobile for all audiences, XR is thicker and heavier than previous generation models. It may please many users, but its size is at the limit for people with small hands. A little uncomfortable If you want a more manageable next-generation iPhone, this model should choose the top-of-the-line model from XS. In addition, the interface has been improved to take advantage of this large size of the previous generation of Plus models on these large screens.

Current promotional campaigns store traps at somewhat higher prices. XR should make the XR an ideal option for those who bought an iPhone 7 two years ago (for example, € 250 reduced to provide quality handsets) and use more efficient devices with more batteries. Or they want the latest information without paying money. premium Like XS's elegance, elegance and superb model of super-camera, XR has brought significant technical improvements over previous generations, but it does not actually provide a completely new utility for the phone. And with the remarkable advancement of mobile phones over the past decade, it has become better every year, as in computers and cars. Perhaps it is as good as the iPhone of this generation, but it is not revolutionary. It's no surprise that the public has to provide a & # 39; Renove Plan & # 39; to change their mobile.

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