Friday , June 25 2021

Kudelka wants to avoid becoming a "bird of passage" in U and asks for a team match.

University of Chile This Sunday National Championships And Finished third. The raid squad path has a very complex path that exploded the changes in the coach, Frank Kudelka By integrating teams Avoid just becoming a "bird of passage" in an institution.

"If there is a house and it rains, the roof must be broken and fixed. If you bring water from under the door, you need to fix it. I hope to express what I mean and graphically in that sense. Everyone in the house is united, strong, and safe.Clearly, there is no mistake because we commit them and the people of each activity. If we did not look like birds,. Educational institutions are always trying, but we have little to leave and at least productively try and contribute to the idea, but everyone should be. "It's a blue coach at a press conference.

So he calls the manor of the University of Chile and everyone will fight for the same goal.

"Beyond certain interests, Something like a good contract or fighting for each other is normal, but when that happens, things that we do not want everyone to talk to and when we face rivals with the highest consideration, Without wearing us out"He added.

Kudelka also reaffirmed his commitment to U wanting to leave a stamp on his project.

"I want to dedicate myself to make a team. I believe a lot of habits, regulations, and orders. I believe much in the instructions. And if it does not happen, it does not depend purely exclusively on me. It depends on everyone. And it has not been tried, and sometimes we have had many external difficulties because it was impossible. "

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