Thursday , May 13 2021

La Calera 's debut was almost unbelievable.

The cementados were a sufficient ruler in front of Chapecoense, but by definition they were not good. It was a no-draw draw at Nicolás Chahuán.

It was a historic day for Unión La Calera. This Tuesday against Chapecoense was the first day of an international tournament. Cement terrorism dominated the game similarly, but with the ball (73.6% vs. 26.4%), it was not possible to score the ball.

For the first time, La Calera came out with everything, and from the start he was the dominant player. The cement man warned several times, but the attack led by Marcelo Larrondo was not good.

La Calera maintained dominance but was sometimes inexplicable and did not know how to break down the defensive barrier that blocked Chapecoense in Nicolás Chahúan.

The series remained open, and the positive side of this one-leg duel was that the arc was left at zero. If you win or draw in Brazil, you will be classified as the next round of Copa Suda America.

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