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Last action Bravo offers $ 200 million to the first amateur club

The Las Acacias Sports Club, in San Miguel's Court of Appeals, pays € 260,000 (approx. € 200 million) pesos against the National Amateur Football Association (ANFA) and its Justo Álvarez president, Claudio Bravo Bravo) from Barcelona to Manchester City and then cheered him through FIFA's solidarity mechanism.

According to the club, ANFA called for a series of documents and legal proceedings to prove that they were actually the same team that made up the Chilean keeper in 2002, Acacia noted that these requirements were met. Even the same captain of the Chilean national team called and sent a letter on December 29, 2018 and sent a letter to Joseo Álvarez to prove that the plaintiff belongs to the club that made him.

"I would like to share with you the testimony of the quality of the Las Acacias sports club that I started from amateur football and that I registered between January 1 and July 14, 1995. In March 2000, I wrote a letter to ANFA explaining the historic goalkeeper I will.

Acacia said in the appeal that "ANFA and its president, Justo Álvarez, are asked to be ordered to carry out all procedures and actions aimed at delivery to the Las Acacias Sports Club of the corresponding money.

In his response, the amateur football's governing body claimed that the Chilean Football Federation (FFCh) was vice chairman and the group chaired by Sebastian Moreno collected the money. "With respect to the amount referred to by the appellant, it is appropriate to point out that the challenged and other organizations, the Chilean Football Federation, are the legal entities that have taken and collected the appropriate measures through the association's paid attorneys. National Football Professional The mechanism of solidarity has been found to have been deposited in the Football Federation of Chile account for the amount of Claudio Bravo Muñoz's rights and is not authorized under any circumstances ANFA

ANFP ignored this issue and sent it to the appeal court in San Miguel, as evident from the official letter signed by Secretary-General Luis Varas on March 22, 2019. The question is that Celtic former general secretary Henkel Valencia and former secretary general Sebastian Moreno are in charge of collecting money with Manchester City in an e-mail to Stephen Exley on March 29, 2017. , The director of finance for the paintings supervised by Pep Guardiola.

In this letter, FFCh acknowledged the City's collection of resources and also noted that he paid $ 21,708,604 in fees to attorney Víctor Tudela. There was no trial of this money, and the person who managed the collection through lawyer Jose Luis Manríquez on March 29, 2017 was ANFP itself, which is interesting. Also on April 18, 2017, the city paid the federation, and a week later, according to a document reviewed by La Tercera, Tudela lawyer paid a fee.

FFCh's Vice President Alvarez said he did not know about the payment. "I do not know him.I do not know who he is.It would be nice to call Sebastian Moreno, then Secretary General of the ANFP, as president of the Federation, ask why he paid Mr. Tudela, why they did not pay the club I found out about 22 million people who were paid to the lawyer, and I would have to know what the executive has done and who hired it. "

"Bravo told me that he called me and that the leaders of Las Acacia de Biluco were the same as when he founded the club, he told me he would give me faith, but Silva is not in ANFA, we do not have them. There is them and the president of the federation is not Sebastián Moreno, but if he says he has to pay money, he has to pay money. "The manager closes.

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