Saturday , August 13 2022

Message from Palestinian society to Palestine after victory


This Saturday Palestinian He was the Champion of Copa Chile. Audax Italian At the Municipal Stadium of La Cisterna.

That Tino-Tino He was superior to the Florida team and added a third trophy for the 4-2 total (1975, 1977, 2018).

After an emotional victory, there was a message about the Palestinian community's social network. Ibobashi. Here are some of them.

"For the third time in history, the Chilean Cup winner Palestine We are looking to make us happy. And tonight I get joy from a distant country of the Diaspora nation.", Wrote a user on Twitter.

"Congratulations, guys. In the go"

"A thousand celebrations"

"Soon Palestinians will return to their land in Shah Allah.

"Welcome. You are all in my heart.. Allah Harvard can bring you justice, freedom and peace. "

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