Thursday , August 5 2021

New details and screenshots of Kill the Game: focused on IF mode and other modes –

We have news that Arc System Works is coming from one of the upcoming titles on the Nintendo Switch. It is about that. Kill and kill. Game: Kill.A few weeks ago, it was confirmed for a hybrid console.

In this case, Story mode and some other modes. We leave the details we can see through Gematsu.

■ Story mode

In Story Mode, the player controls the heroine SkillKillin and continues the game while fighting several characters.

Starting with a "tutorial" that teaches the basics of how to play, the player will fight multiple enemies as they follow a story that combines proprietary combat styles over story mode.

The plot is an original story derived from the animation of episode 8 and written by author Kazuki Nakashima.

Before the first Aboriginal election was over, the person who appeared before Satsuki was Ragyou, not his sister. Why did Ragyou appear? What is this series of unexplained incidents?

■ New game mode

Kill and kill. Game: Kill. It offers more than competitive game mode. There are also a number of single player modes that you can enjoy.

Practice mode

– Tutorials

Re-experience the first tutorial step you played in Story mode. Follow the instructions of Shirou Iori, president of Sewing Club, to learn the basic controls of the game. This mode is recommended for first-time gamers or players who want to learn how characters work from scratch.

– Training mode

Use your favorite characters, choose characters and scenarios as well as your opponents, and edit your CPU's behavior freely. This mode is recommended for players who want to practice combos or learn the characters inside and out.

-Victory Challenge

Continue trying to overcome randomly selected CPU characters with your chosen characters. HP will move to the next battle, but will recover slightly each time a battle is won. Test your skills to see how many battles you can win.

– Challenges of COVERS

It is to cut COVERS for the purpose that appears. When you defeat an enemy, several objects appear, and when you fight, you increase the level and character statistics. There are three types of COVERS assignments.

  • 1 Minute Challenge: You can defeat as many enemies as you can in 1 minute. In this challenge, it is important to get a "time extension factor" that will allow you to extend your time when only the enemy is fighting.
  • Challenge 100: The challenge of an attack that can defeat 100 enemies in the earliest possible time.
  • Endless Combat: Fight your enemies until HP is totally zero.

What do you think of the details? We remember that the title will be premiered on Nintendo Switch and other platforms next year. Do you wait with desire?


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