Monday , May 20 2019
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No Man & # 39; s Sky Announces Free Online Mode Update


No man's sky, please do not fail us again.

HelloMan, the creative company of NoMan's Sky, has released No Man's Sky: Beyond, the next big update to space exploration games. This extension has three sections or other elements, but only one is published (so far).

The released section is an online mode that includes "No Man 's Sky", where all players in the universe can meet and play together. But in addition to this small verse, Hello Games did not provide details about what to include in this update, besides confessing, "This change is a response to how we saw people after NEXT startup." He got the game last year.

This latest update adds multiplayer for up to 16 players, and although the clarity of the new online version remains, the company was clearly concerned that it would not switch games to MMOs.

Beyond expansion, it's free for those who already own the game, and does not require a subscription fee.

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