Thursday , December 3 2020

# NoDejenDeBuscar to Emiliano Sala: Players asking to resume searching for missing players in an airplane crash – BBC News

"The last plane that was looking for missing aircraft and the plane that landed on the plane landed."

So on Thursday after a four-day flight, Argentine soccer players announced that their search was stopped on the plane they were traveling on. Emiliano Sallas, 28 years old.

Along with Salas and British pilots, disappeared He traveled from Nantes, France, on Monday, January 21, to Cardiff in the UK.

The announcement of the end of the search reaction Some sports people campaigned to resume rescue operations through social networks.

Maps of places of disappearance.
When flying an English channel, the single engine plane was cut off.

Under the hashtag #NoDejenDeBuscarEmiliano's colleagues joined the sound of his family.

"I would appreciate everything that everyone in the club is doing, We do not stop. Search, "Romina Salas, sister of the missing soccer player, said at a press conference.

Call of a colleague

In Instragam, the hash tag #NoDejenDeBuscar accumulates thousands of books.

One of them is Lionel Messi, the star of FC Barcelona and the captain of Argentina. story "As far as possible, A thread of hope, We ask NoDejenDeBuscar to Emliano. "

"All my strength and support is to my family and friends."

On the other hand albiceleste of other players of choice also They joined. On Twitter.

"We do not want to give up. HopeSergio made Aguero "Kun" a twitter. "So I want # NoDejenDeBuscar too."

Gonzalo Higuain encourages more people to participate in the campaign and " Last result Search for "Emiliano Sala # NoDejendeBuscar".

The Argentine Sub-20 team shared a photo with the team holding a banner at # NoDejendeBuscar. #PrayForSala (Pray for Sala).

Argentine President Mauricio Macri joined the cause and reported in a media report that he ordered Foreign Ministers to make an official request to the British and French governments. effort Search

International Support

Before Salas moved to Cardiff, the net club posted on Twitter: "Search Do not stop.… The club and its followers strongly urge the search for Emiliano Sala to continue. "

Colombian striker Radamel Falco García has just published a photo of Sala with #NoDejendeBuscar.

A petition has been written at the portal about "resumption of search due to missing Emiliano Sala and aircraft pilots". 80,000 signatures

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