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One of Argentina's most cyber-attacked countries

Thursday, March 14, 2019 10:27

The most repetitive mode is phishing, which uses fake links and forms to steal information.

Symantec has published an Internet Security Threat Report (ISTR) that analyzes the situation in 157 countries and provides details on key trends in cybercrime, malware, and other malicious code. cryptojacking, phishing and spam.

In the local context, Argentina has been ranked fourth for two consecutive years, close to the Brazil, Mexico and Venezuela podiums. In terms of phishing and attacks over the Internet, It is located in the second place. However, spam and decryption take fifth place in bots, malware (computer viruses), network attacks and ransomware, so the threat does not end there.

For the second consecutive year, countries with spam threats ranked 20th in the world, but the country's ability to defeat this type of threat was 19th, as opposed to 2017. 8th place

This well-known identity theft, known as phishing, Try to get confidential information. A fraudulent method, usually via a link that arrives by e-mail

To get an idea of ​​the extent of this threat, one of the 1,448 Argentine users will join the phishing case. According to the report, hackers are particularly interested in attacking manufacturing (one out of a total of 1,227), mining only one out of 20,643. SMEs (less than 250) are weaker than large corporations (47.2%) (59.4%).

Argentina remains fifth, but the hacker's interest in ransomware attacks, known as roomsware or scareware, has increased in recent years, changing the target of consumer attacks on businesses.

This computer crime, which requires ransom payments to restrict access to the system and remove restrictions, has earned a reputation for the WannaCry virus in 2017. This is equivalent to checking Telefónica de España It infects 300,000 computers in 150 countries.

Symantec Report has released a new and relevant actor in the cyber security threat environment for global threats. Formjacking

In this simple, profitable mode, hackers upload malware to your website. Steal credit card data On average, over 4,800 websites were compromised each month. Both large companies (Ticketmaster and British Airways) and SMEs were attacked and estimated to have been delivered last year Tens of millions of dollars To those criminals.

Symantec claims that 10 credit cards stolen from seemingly-protected Web sites can earn $ 2.2 million per month because each card reaches up to $ 45 on the black market. With more than 380,000 stolen credit cards, British Airways's attacks alone generated more than $ 17 million in revenue for criminals.

If the value of cryptocurrencies falls by 90%, the decryption technology associated with the "mining" of this digital call from a computer, tablet or cell phone without the user's knowledge is not one of the biggest desire hackers. However, this device is widely used due to the vulnerability and low cost of the device.

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