Thursday , May 13 2021

One-to-one victims of the U in Arequipa

Universidad de Chile had to suffer more than Arequipa visited during the first preliminary match of the Copa Libertadores. Frank Kudelka started well and had the best chance of the game.

Sebastián Ubilla's volley was in the post. The goal of the first half has completely changed the history of college students. Unfortunately for them, the horizon blocked it.

Look at the auction:

In the future, U began to lag far behind, losing his position because he was physically ahead of his wet coat and rivals.

So they looked so far:

Johnny HerreraA: When the times were really demanded.

Matthias Rodriguez: There is much progress in the Argentine sector, but not much progress.
Lucas Abeldao: Some brands are difficult to identify
Sergio VittorioHe was slightly worse than his defense opponent.
Jean Bosejour: Completely out of the game, calm down, or banish.

This was Bose yellow:

Augusto Barrios: He touched him in the last minute and had to move a lot to recover.
Rafael CarokaAppropriate appearance and too much defensive work.
Jimmy MartinezI want to give you more results, but it costs a lot.

Sevilla Yan UvilaThe person who made the best opportunity. Near the goal.
Ángelo Henríquez: Sacrificed at the center of the attack.
Pablo ParraA lot of placement with the height you are familiar with.

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