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Only at the end of June will it be possible to know the time for the eclipse.


That Next July 2, Chile will be a scenario for this year's astronomical phenomenon, and it will be seen in other countries in South America: Total eclipse.

At this time, the moon is located between the sun and the earth, creating a shadow on the earth that attracts the attention of citizens and astronomers. in 4:38 pm, The expected moment will last for 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

As described by the Chilean Meteorological Agency (DMC) Third, The weather forecast for July 2 is apparent only five days in advance., Thursday June 27th.

"It provides a five-day weather forecast, a seven-day projection, and an approximation of either 10 or 12 days, but it is very common." We use a blocking indicator (high-pressure zone), as it currently occurs in the south. All the frontal systems are passing through the central area, "the newspaper said. Arnaldo Zuni, Director of DMC's dissemination and monitoring.

That June 27 "Yes, we can have an approach to talking about temperature or rainfall., If this block is retained or is no longer present, It will be a good indicator of how the state of the region is changing."He explained.

And he The success rate is high."We reach 90% in the medium and short term over 90%, and our products certified by the ISO 9000 standard are reliable, and we must measure what we have shown."

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