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Osorno: The operator's declaration that triggered Essal's crisis revealed the uncertainty of the factory.

he is On the eve of Osorno's massive watershed, the operator only worked at the Caipulli plant at the Los Lagos (Essal) Sanitary Company. Declare a defendant Last week, according to the prosecutors and PDI investigators, It reveals the instability of surgery.

Excerpt of newspaper published on Tuesday MercuryExplains in detail one or more tasks that men usually do in a lonely night shift lasting between 20:30 and 08:30.

All of this Limited use of unlit water, unstable equipment and electricity.

After receiving the shift without news, the official said, 23:10 hours, I go to the first floor section with the oil storage tank and carry out the transfer to the used electric generator (…) From 18:00 to 23:00, the electric value is bigger because it is the electricity time limit. "

It is this last task that the driver blamed for his mistakes. 23:10 hours, I opened two oil tank valves connected to the generator with one pipe. (…) Then I retired to the office on the top floor about 100 meters away. Within about 40 minutes, the generator will be fully charged (…). But I forgot the procedure., I remember it at 00:10. (…), that is, for twenty minutes longer than the corresponding, I immediately moved to the first floor area to close the two valves for that reason. "

"You must paint with stone"

PDI asked that the operator "How much oil has been transferred? From the pond to the generator Therefore,"In addition to the fact that the bottom is gravel, it can be absorbed." However, 2000 liters capacity vs. generator capacity 350 liters.

The generator "has a fill indicator consisting of needles with marking problems, You must hit the stone. You can show the actual level. "

Then the operator " Oil film from vent It was "progressed" to investigate the vicinity of the generator located at the top of the generator pond, I used a flashlight because there is no lighting in the place. I did not observe the fuel there. "

"I did not give much importance."

The man told the police, "Because of my experience, I did not attach much importance to this point.I did not know what had happened, because I did not see any accumulation of oil in the soil that could cause filtration in the water tank. (…) I also did not leave a record in a novel book. It is established by the protocol ".

At the end of the morning and work, the worker already returns to the factory, saying, "I moved into the van to get to the next mate in the car." He delivered the shift at 08:30. This is not to verify that I was intuitive before reviewing the place with natural light, but from my point of view, There was nothing serious., There is no fuel filtration in the water tank, but (yes) the pump room smells fuel. "

After this, the driver should wait a few minutes Communicate with your boss over the phone Who tells him what happened, "who I was instructed to check it with another colleague. (…) So I came home and rested. At around 1 pm we found that the oil at the Caipulli plant at work was contaminated with oil. I realized I was responsible for such a situation. "

For that part, the newspaper third According to the operator, this is largely influenced by the circumstances listed on the page and is described as an accident, not an intentional accident. These days he is feeling that he is on medical leave.

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