Monday , January 30 2023

Over two hours, the allegations have been extended as a result of the auditor's dispute.


Supreme Court's constitutional loss over two hours Dorothy Perez We will re-occupy the position of subcontractors.

The lawyer won the first battle in the Santiago Court of Appeal, which unanimously treated unfairly the dismissal already ordered by a seizure seeker in August. Jorge Bermudez, Who appealed to the Supreme Court about this final decision.

On behalf of the Chairman of the National Defense Commission, Chairman of the National Defense Commission (CDE) Maria Yujunia ManoHe requested that the former judge's decision be withdrawn from the previous ruling that it was valid.

"In Chile, the privileged status of that personality, even the president of the republic, the power of the state, the administration of the state, and the privileged position of his greatest owner, is the only thing I can not accept, That's because it's strange to say, "Manaud said.

Subcontractor Defends Defense Court Decision

Dorothy Perez defended the trial at the Santiago Court of Appeals and argued that the position could not move.

lawyer Ciro Colombara He also questioned the lack of clarity on the reasons for his dismissal and ruled that it had something to do with the fraud case of Karabinero.

"In terms of discrepancies, version changes and respondents' irregular behavior. Since it is not given directly and correctly in an elliptical way, there will be some kind of responsibility or participation in this fraud for Carabineros, and I would like to be clear and clear that this is a lie. "He said.

Perez appeared on charges and said we should wait for a judicial ruling.

Prior to the hearing, the Bermúdez auditor decided not to give up his position regardless of the Supreme Court's decision.

"We are calm and this plan is unfolding as planned and we are waiting for a court ruling"He commented.

"I believe that executives are being performed in a good way, in fact the number of auditors has shown this and demonstrated the relevance of the agency and the willingness to cooperate with other powers in the country," he said.

"I should not forget that I was elected unanimously for eight years," he said. The senator has unanimously pointed out that there is no reason to think otherwise.

The ruling has been agreed and will be announced within the next few weeks.

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