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Pope will visit shelter for HIV / AIDS patients in Panama

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Panama (AP) – Raúl Tugrí, like many other young people in the Aboriginal community Panama Find opportunities for the capital. He found work at the supermarket, but he was dehydrated and drunk and four years ago he was diagnosed. HIV.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Tugri said, "The world has come to me." You only think about death. "

House – House "Good Samaritan", A shelter operated by the father's father Catholic ChurchHe received it to reach out two years ago. HIV-AIDS He opened the door in 2005 around the capital.

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Before leaving on Sunday in Rome Panama By chance World Youth Day, Pope Francis will share a moment with 15 patients. There are 10 males and 5 females in the center, of which 25 are interested in orphanages in the orphanage in distress, led by a Catholic nun and two other support centers.

The bishop of Rome asked the world for more responsibility HIV He mourned that millions of people were living with the disease and only half could be cured. He also urged the poor to promote solidarity to benefit from diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

The first pope in Latin America usually encourages responsible behavior so that young people and adults do not spread further. It also tried to break the stigma of suffering. Hurt In HIV Panama has been included in many parts of the world. Almost twenty years ago, Francisco Rinsing the patient's feet HIV His Thursday at the Archbishop of Buenos Aires.

Tugrí appears among those who prepare the Pope's testimony, as well as two bags of indigenous motifs, Panama The other is the favorite color of Argentina football team, San Lorenzo de Almagro.

"Tugrí said, sitting in a wheelchair." I am happy. I will seek blessings.

Panama The International Health Organization is one of the countries with the most cases HIV-AIDS In Central America since Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras, health authorities reported about 16,000 and 11,336 deaths since the first epidemic in September 1984 and by October 2018. They say that the vast majority of viruses registered every year affect populations between 15 and 24, with the vast majority occurring in indigenous areas. The Ngäbe-buglé region, where Tgrí was born in the west of the country, is one of the hardest hits.

The house, directed by Domingo Escobar, Panamanian priest, received Tugrí skinny and weak. That Hostel I started helping his work. Hurt They fell asleep in neighboring parks and were left to relatives.

"This is a place for families and families, so it is a house for home and home," said Eskovar, an AP specialist at the public hospital and an assistant to the church's sponsors. Private. "They ate medicine and were fed and encouraged." He added that he had been given the freedom to leave for a place to live and to be well-suited to carry out activities to defend himself, aware of the importance of medicines until he was treated and well recovered for months.

Some died here and received a "Christian" store, the priest said.

In the same region of Tugrí, Lionel Montezuma is recent in the center and makes bracelets with pearls he sells in places. Refugees or residents have seen three people, including the girl who participated in daily activities and cleaned the newly purchased fish in the market recently in the morning.

Tugri, who had suffered from bacteria in his brain and remained in the wheelchair, said he could move his leg a little bit more. He has unmistakable hair, shiny metal necklaces and glittering eyes.

He does not want to talk about the past, but it's all about getting young people to travel to their area to guide them about the dangers of disease.

"Because of cultural issues or ignorance, they are not careful when they have sex," said Tugrí, whom his mother had abandoned as a child.

"I think we should rule out fear and the pain of talking about it."



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