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QUALCOMM Sinks in Patent Law Violation

The US federal judge concluded that Qualcomm had unfairly operated patents and technologies that provided millions of smartphones in the US and around the world.

In January, Qualcomm was tried for anticompetitive practices and results come out almost five months later.

Roucy Koh District Court judge said QUALCOMM violated antitrust laws by threatening to not offer customers chips unless the patent and license were paid "at an unreasonable" price.

In a 233-page report, Koh said, "Qualcomm's licensing practices have strengthened competition, damaging competitors, smartphone manufacturers and consumers."

Qualcomm ordered Koh to renegotiate the license agreement with the customer, leave the patent at a lower price, and comply with the federal auditor's seven years of managing the company. Koh also talked about the Qualcomm issue, which charges the price of the device, which Apple complained several times.

Qualcomm shares fell immediately after the news was announced, with 13% reporting 11%. There was a drastic change last month when they signed a nearly $ 5 billion treaty with Apple. These gains have been completely eliminated by stock declines.

Qualcomm was not silent and company chief lawyer Don Rosenberg said, "We do not agree with the judge's conclusions, his interpretation of the facts and the application of the law."

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