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Research shows that two of the three antivirus for Android are useless.

Even worse, only 23 of 250 people achieved 100% threat detection rates without false positives. I will use you.

All of us who regularly use the Internet know that there are very fine boundaries between useful antivirus and cheat. Unfortunately, in the mobile world, serious and malicious elements actually fill our devices. In particular, we do not have to wait for our equipment to be repaired without being stupid and insane.

Most of these solutions appear to be real frauds. According to a study released by the Austrian company AV-Comparatives, Two-thirds of existing antivirus for Android is useless. They do not work the way they promote it.

The organization tested 250 solutions for viruses Virus shieldAn application that promises to find and remove malware from computers on the Google Play Store is actually a progress bar that does nothing. Needless to say, it was a paid app, and fortunately, Google retained the profit and returned it to the affected users.

Android Malware

Only 80 solutions reached 30% efficiency.

The team conducted a simple test. Each antivirus was installed on an independent team, which opened the browser, downloaded applications with malicious content, and then automated the device to install.

This process was repeated 2000 times for each application, and the team downloaded the most popular 2,000 malicious codes last year and updated their antivirus databases by 2019, or at least indexed the threats.

But the results were overwhelming. Only 80 out of 250 reached a minimum efficiency of 30%. In fact, many antivirus solutions do not scan the apps that the phone is downloading and know the name of the APK or installation package – the app based on the black / white list – what is malware and what is not?

For more auctions, Many apps have been detected as malware. An antivirus has been marked as a virus because the whitelist does not have its own installation package. That is the climax of irony.

This is true even if the malicious APK includes the extension "" with a wildcard in its name.[nombre cualquiera].apk "allows you to enter your phone without any problems.

Android Antivirus

Systematic fraud

170 applications that do not exceed a 30% minimum barrier are all reasonable doubtless scams. AV-Comparatives seems to have developed most of these apps by programmers. Amateur Or company of software Non-security business

Most cases report cases of at least 50 apps created by the same person who are created by companies that need antivirus protection in their application portfolio and do not have the same format and functionality. The button and the ad that appears above it.

Lukas Stefanko, an ESET mobile malware analyst, has been working with a Twitter account for months on researching Austrian companies.

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