Tuesday , June 22 2021

Samsung Twitter account boasts Galaxy Note 9 screen on iPhone

Research shows that the iPhone is a phone for the poor in China.

View Android on iPhoneSomething that is becoming customary, when we start missing the course of the event. A few weeks ago, we broke a contract with a Korean company and said it was curious about Samsung's multi-million dollar lawsuit against an influential person who saw on the iPhone as a TV.

The situation in this case is even more noteworthy. Sent from iPhone A betrayer Go to Samsung Mobile Nigeria's official accountUse the iPhone to promote the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Lost explanation of these events


Many people thought of Marques Brownlee as the best YouTuber. Technology A public illustrator of several similar cases, such as Gal Gadot, who uses the iPhone to promote Huawei Mate 10, provided one of those again. Samsung Mobile Nigeria Account (with about 300,000 followers) Use iPhone to promote Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Clear Via Twitter for iPhone Tweets at the bottom. As expected, the message was removed very quickly, like the contract of Comunnity Manager that published it. Marques was temporarily blocked after finding the verdict. It happened to him already with Gal Gadot. He did not hesitate to Gal Gadot. block As soon as he reveals that he is using the iPhone instead of Mate 10.

Despite the failure, Samsung's reaction was immediate. I deleted a tweet that mentions shipments via the iPhone.

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Curiosity has become a habit, and there is little to estimate the nature of Android on iPhone. Instead of the Indian actress Huawei using the iPhone 2 instead of the Pixel 2 XL, Gadot and now Samsung Nigeria have promoted Note 9 on their appliances.

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