Thursday , May 13 2021

Samuel seeks to isolate Raquel from the "hidden truth."

Hidden Truths teleserie is doing his best and saw Angelica's surprise in the unexpected decision of Samuel on Tuesday's final broadcast before marriage.

"I have been in this treatment for 20 years because I wanted to have a good relationship with my wife, my daughter's mother, who will be, and our grandson's grandmother, and we still have a long way to go, I want to. "Angelica is married to a marriage therapist.

In the face of Samuel 's bold decision, the idea of ​​attending therapy was to reunite marriage, as did her daughter, who began to learn about the kiss between Angelica and Francesco.

The Teleserians were not the only ones who were upset by Samuel's bold decisions, but the viewers wanted to comment on what happened.

Here we leave a part of the opinion on social networks.

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