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Scorpio – Monday, December 3, 2018: Mark of Venus, Passion!

Astrology News: Moon Goes to Your Scorpion Sign in Libra Planet Mercury continues to regress in Scorpio and Uranus, also retrograde, Aries. Your ruler Planetto Pluto is in Capricorn. The planet of Venus also signs himself.

Impatient, Scorpio. Finally you will get the job you are looking for, and you are mentally prepared for this whole time. We are starting a very productive work cycle and start promotional activities at this stage.

Now that Mercury is backing your signature, it is not appropriate to establish an economic need or discussion with your partner or creditor. Always maintain a reluctant attitude. When you fall in love, you start to find a solution to any problem.

What if my signature is not compatible with my partner?


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An unexpected trip leads you to the path of romance. This is excellent for singles. But if you have a partner, do not misunderstand shame and find a problem in your current relationship. Take care of what you have and you will have no problem.


You feel a special toning in your life and your health. You need to change this perception to something positive to improve your physical condition and start your workout routine in the gym today.


Your disposition for your service and business skills will be the key to your success. Do not be patient when your colleagues do not do things and do not forget that everyone does not share a vision of their lives and work, Scorpio.

Discover how to decorate your Christmas tree according to your signature.


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Money and property

A will, a lot of organization and training can do all the economic projects, but you have to wear armor of enthusiasm so that you do not get into small, natural financial difficulties. It will now happen on many retrograde planets of the constellation. Message

Today's Astral Biorhythm

This monday gender energy level: Moderate.
Ability to adapt to new situations, natural intuition and intelligence.
Scorpion Sign's dangerous trend today: You have committed a dispute by talking more than you need.
What should I avoid? A: Be clear to anyone who is irrational.

Couple expect on Monday today

Today's best relationship: If your partner is a water sign, especially Cancer or Pisces, this Monday's job will be very good for you. There may be good compatibility with Taurus and Virgo.
Most tense relationship: Many tensions are not recognized, but avoid conflicts with Aboriginal Aries or Leos.
Current Compatibility: Wave generally has good compatibility, but it is recommended to have symptoms of water and earth.
Singles or singles: There is a cheerful and festive atmosphere in the environment, and you can not be alone or long.

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