Friday , December 4 2020

Secretary Hutt collapses on the explanation of the fare increase in public transportation.

In response to the priest's reasons, the national pension recipient said in a statement, "The metropolitan area has not finished celebrating the good news of the new subway network line, and now as a cold water bucket, he announces the injuries."

New adjustments to the tariffs of the transit system have triggered a series of criticisms from the metropolitan residents, the main victims facing the second price rise determined in the final resolution of the expert panel.

Transport Minister Gloria Hutt explained in a statement that the panel of experts created in 2010 justified the rise, made responsibilities and final decisions, and reviewed the system's monthly financial prospects. "We would like this resolution to be different," he added. "We know how important this price change is to all users of the system."

Hutt explained that rates may vary due to other reasons, such as redress, price index correction, or both. "This opportunity is explained only by the price increase," the minister said. "The funding of the new Metro Line 3 does not affect the reported rate changes."

An unsatisfied citizen

This rate increase, which reaches subway costs of $ 800 during peak hours, especially affects low-income people, particularly retired citizens and pensioners. In this sense, the National Pension Association, in a statement, urged the government to "delay the increase until March 2020" by rejecting "the increase in Transantiago passages in the most obvious way". "In addition to ratifying requests for all pensioners, retirees and seniors, reducing tickets at all times similar to students"

In the political sphere, Chilean Communist youth President Camilo Sanchez said, "This rise is a scam and it shows inability to the government that invested $ 10 billion a month ago to avoid a fight.

The leader also insisted that "three hiking within a year were created by the Expert Panel with no opponents and no one takes care of the user 's interests.

With the increase of Metro and Transantiago tickets, which now have about 3,000 stakeholders, a massive march is being requested via Facebook and will be held this Saturday at 12 noon in Italy.

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