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Starman and his Tesla dolls outstrip Mars's orbit – Diario Digital


Mannequins Starman and Tesla. Europapress

On June 2, an electric car and a mannequin driver in a spacesuit, launched from the inaugural mission of Space X Falcon Heavy Industries Rocket, pass Mars's orbit.

"Starman's current location. The next stop, the restaurant at the end of the universe," SpaceX posted on his Twitter account along with the orbit diagram.

According to, the second sentence of that tweet nods to late writer Douglas Adams. The "Restaurant at the End of the Universe" is the second novel of Adams' five-part "Galaxy's Guide to the Hitchhiker".

SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk is a big fan of the "Hitchhiker's Guide" proven in Tesla Roadster cars driving Starman mannequins. The car's entertainment screen is programmed to read "Do not panic!" This means that the Adams series decorates the electronic guide cover of the same name.

"Starman" is also a cultural reference; David Bowie's 1972 song title. Musk said that although Stackman can not hear the famous melody in the Airice Vacuum, Roadster will play Bowie's hit song in "Space Oddity" in Full Speed ​​in 1969. Ultimately, Musk chose Bowie's "Life on Mars", the farewell music of Starman and Tesla.

Starman and his car will never stay beyond Mars. As you can see in the diagram, the pair will retreat from the orbit of the sun center, and eventually reach the sun close to the earth.

According to the Orbital Modeling Study, Roadster and Stamman will reach hundreds of thousands of kilometers from our planet in 2091. The authors of this study predicted that the car would collide with Venus or Earth, and it probably took millions of years. They have a 6% chance of a spacecraft colliding with the Earth for the next million years, and the probability of colliding with Venus during that period is 2.5%.

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