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Strongman's cage, a new letter from Clash Royale.


Strongman's cage, a new letter from Clash Royale.

Supercell confirmed on Twitter account that Clash Royale has a new charter of the salvation type. The surprise about his mechanic is that he releases a fairy with articles and very dynamics when he loses his life. At first glance, it looks much stronger than what you'll see in the battlefield.. Also, the fact that he appears alone will surely give more power, especially when he leaves the cage and starts fighting in the arena.

Strongman's new card cage, with a life span of 15 seconds and a maximum level of 9, requires four Elixirs, so it is neither too costly nor powerful. The potential is entirely defensive. I can say that Clash Royale players are a bit different from what I used to be. Especially considering that the structure is a hut that becomes a goblin unit. Some players have already tried They claim that it behaves in a similar way to other units that require four elixirs.. In other words, it can not withstand lightning or rockets, and even the ball of fire can leave a touching impression. Anyway, when you level up, the power increases.

It is not the only new letter that arrived at Clash Royale in recent months. An earthquake letter appeared in the April issue. The mechanism of this letter is closely related to the name. In fact, there is a crack in the floor that can hurt everything around you. We can say that it is very similar to the action of poison. Its main purpose is to break down rival structures. Also, this card deals 100% damage to Crown Tower. The advantage is that the rest of the structure increases damage four times. Without a doubt, it is the perfect letter to quickly and easily remove the cabin of the goblins and gatherers.

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