Thursday , August 5 2021

The annoying ads that "steal" your browser are counted in Google Chrome in days.

Those annoying sites that push you to stay in them will be detected by the popular Chrome browser.

When you open an ad, you can not navigate away from the tab and return to the previous page with the back button. Fortunately, Chrome is a compelling ad technology that you can solve.

Zdnet explained this because malicious sites do dozens of "redirects" to the same URL and "browse" the browser history with the same link and make the "back" button obsolete. As a result, it will stay in the same position when you click to return by default.

To address this issue, Google has submitted three patches to Chromium and is currently offering a formal resolution to this issue. Our engineers are working on a Chrome browser update and back button to prevent malicious websites from intercepting browser history.

The purpose is that you are not trapped in one of those annoying and endless advertisements. If you use an update, Chrome will create an entry that is not allowed in the history, and may detect a "violation" of the back button.

In principle, these unauthorized actions are reported to team members in the browser and are missing. Of course, they say that implementing updates will have to be careful not to violate legitimate entries in history.

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