Saturday , May 15 2021

The auditor detected over $ 1 billion in spending: Aboriginal people had to repair the Aboriginal road. National

More than Badly spent billions The Office of the Auditor was found at the Regional Roads Bureau (DRV) in La Araucanía, which was supposed to repair the indigenous roads.

According to La Tercera, resources should be used to repair roads accessible to communities, but they have been used in other routes.

In addition, disadvantages have been discovered, such as contracting with Luis Roa's company, brother-in-law of public works.

The incident occurred between January 2017 and 2017, during which time the DRV in the area performed maintenance work on the 50.4-kilometer road in the area. Road preservation for indigenous communities.

However, according to the office of the District Auditor, some resources have been found to be irregularly used.

Indeed, the press pointed out that the audit reports were found to have been used. $ 1,027,318,120 On such a road Aboriginal territory outside.

We conclude that this situation is the result of "insufficient verification of the quality of the land on which the road is located".

In addition to the objective amount, $ 723,542.123 In a labor contract "They were not executed. In some cases, there is no document that demonstrates the effective performance of a task, and in some cases it can not be performed or can not be determined. "

Confirmation of error

In the face of this irregularity, a lack of certainty revealed by the auditor's audit, including a contract with the company where Luis Roa works, has been added. Brother and sister of Osupikusu"I did not sign an exemption clause that contracted contractor Justo Schweitzer in violation of the administration's morality principle," he said.

Carla Sierra, Financial Auditor, stressed, "We conducted a contract inspection awarded to IM Ltda, the construction company where her brother worked."

Therefore, the Comptroller Organization will take the following steps. More than 1 billion heavily used peso repairs And Refund or Payment Credit Workload

Also, I will open an administrative summary. "To determine the possible liability of a civil servant lower than that required for non-regular workers, non-insurance insurance, non-investment guarantees, and guarantees and effectiveness established after the deadline".

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