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The CEO of WOM believes that there will be 5G in the short term if companies do not return spectrum.

In a conversation with Diom Financiero, CEO of Wom, Christopher Laska I mentioned the company's present and future plans. We also communicated our position in the upcoming 5G bidding in Chile and announced a few months ago.

Given this last theme, The administration believes that the communications minister is correcting past government mistakes in terms of spectrum allocation,, And is expected to be evenly distributed among all competitors.

Regarding Subtel's proposal, a new allocation of spectrum, filed prior to the Free Competition Court (TDLC) Laska believes that competitors should be happy because the Supreme Court ruling does not allow competitors to return spectra. He also added that he hopes the TDLC will not contribute to the delays in the process. Otherwise, "there will be no 5G in the short, medium and long term."

Spectral return and 5G tender

If you cite the resolution of the Supreme Court, the highest representative of the company, "Kiko (referring to Claro, Entel and Movistar) also hopes to be able to carry out band returns to ensure a good base for 5G deployments."

Regarding the bid proposed by the authorities, Laska pointed out that the proposed 50MHz for the 3.5GHz band is not enough for 5G development in Chile., But it is better to start. So he expects the return of the spectrum and hence the "clear mapping".

WOM Plan

It covers the current moment of the UK company which already accounts for 15% of the Chilean market. CEO's CEO It indicates that they want to remain a decadent company, but there is a nuance.

The economic plan has invested $ 800 million since the arrival of the company in Novator Partners Fund, and hopes to complete $ 100 billion by 2019. We will achieve our goal of achieving 4,000 units by 2020 with an annual installation of 1000 antennas.

Source: Diario Financiero

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