Friday , June 24 2022

The Christmas season produces a 30% increase in labor hirings


More than 30% of holiday workers this year will increase employment. This is what human resource consulting firm Randstad predicted this season of the year, as the sectors such as the commerce, transportation, logistics, retail and hotel industries over the years have been directly related to increased consumption.

Diego Oliva points out that digitization and new technology have affected consumer habits and have modified the requirements of new business models, occupations, professional profiles and the market itself. For this reason, companies are adapting to changes and demanding profiles that enable them to use digital tools to meet increasingly traditional and digitally generated needs.

Executives say, "When we talk about Christmas campaigns and job creation, we tend to think of shopping centers and large stores, but we also see that household consumption increases as corporations become more and more involved. Most supermarkets employ employees in cash or in supplements I will. "

Other profiles that are highly required on this date include those in the transportation and logistics sectors: Packers / resupplyers / winemakers or carriers; In the market, promoters provide promoter / commercial profiles that focus on customer service.

"But not only can we do this physically or face-to-face, but we also need to be able to do this through phone or online, such as a call center assistant or commercial executive." Like a close relationship with the gifts, the hotel industry registers jobs on this day due to many events and social gatherings. For this reason, we need to reinforce our staff in the kitchens and restaurants. Or a chef is the most demanded occupation in this area. "The expert said.

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