Thursday , February 2 2023

The government's return to operations began. 176 Haitians returned home. National


The first trip this Wednesday "Humanitarian Return Plan"Government Initiatives Return to Immigrants Who voluntarily decides it.

On this occasion they 176 Haitian citizens People who travel to the Caribbean island after deciding to leave Chile. They are adults who have lived in this country for months or years and can not be stabilized by economic difficulties.

None of the conditions for access to travel are pending court cases I signed a promise not to return to Chile in nine years..

Immigrants in the early morning Sports Center Central StationThe place where each procedure and baggage check are done. After that, they went to the Air Force's 10 groups to board an airplane to Haiti.

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Attending the Interior Ministry, Rodrigo Ubilla, Central Station The voluntary nature of the return was emphasized. To the Haitians.

"Officially requested (return) men and women. They could not dream of dreaming the future in our country."He added.

Authorities noted that 1,087 people have been enrolled since the initiative was announced and are being evaluated if they meet the conditions for returning to their home country.

Alvaro Bellolio, Director of Immigration and Immigration, There are at least 50 people from other countries interested in this trip., Mainly Colombian and Dominican.

Haitians, who was consulted by La Radio, said the main motive to return was lack of money and jobs.

Chadwick received them in the tenth round.

After the check-in process at Estación Central, 176 Haitians were served breakfast and transported by bus. Air Force Group 10, They take off the plane after 10:15 towards Port-au-Prince.

At the air terminal they were received by the interior minister of Andrés Chadwick. The Chilean government is pleased with the opportunity given. To the Haitians, some were deceived and stayed "very hard" in our country.

He also emphasized that a humanitarian plan was implemented in response to requests from the Haitian community in Chile.

Chadwick notes that if the evaluation of the plan is positive, It will be extended to people of other nationalities..

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